Szombathely has a central role in terms of economy, administrative and major services for Vas county area and even beyond. The city of Szombathely is the center of Vas County in West-Hungary with 79.000 inhabitants. The adjacent area of south Burgenland in the neighbouring Austria lacks cities of similar size that offers a high potential for the city to regain its central role in a much wider geographical territory, as it has had for a long time in its history.

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Project area description / The project area former “Hussar Barracks” is located close to the core of the city. The former military complex consisted of a building for the commander, three buildings for the officers, six buildings for the troops, and more than twenty further buildings: stables for horses, and all the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the barracks e.g. stables, a hospital, warehouses, etc. The majority of the buildings, except the main building, which was renovated by the Apáczai Csere János Foundation has been abandoned and unused since the Soviet troops left the complex. Only a few buildings have remained of the original military complex; the commander building, two buildings for the officers, the six buildings for troops, a stable, the former catering building, the building for washing, a supplementary warehouse and the prison have survived.

Project area challenge / The project area consist in two sectors (A and B). The challenge is that area A and B should be handled in a common objective framework, since they constitute an organic unit. The buildings and open spaces of area A are suitable to strengthen cultural, educational and community functions of the district while the reuse of area B could add new, necessary functions like housing and good quality green community spaces. Having lost its protected status, this area is now ready to be split into smaller units creating more suitable and attractive real estates to set up new buildings through private sector involvement. A new challenge will be to create a balance between different interest groups, without losing the planned green sub-city-centre feature of the area.

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