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Former Hussar Barracks: a new green city centre for the innovation (social, cultural, and for business) and for a sustainable lifestyle.

The city challenges / The Hussar Barracks are located close to the City centre of Szombathely on more than 21 hectares. The 11th Hussar regiment of the Austrian Emperor and King was housed here in the building complex finished in 1889 that was one of the largest of the type in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy of the era.

The military complex consisted of one building for the commander, three for the officers, six buildings for the troops, and more than twenty further buildings: stables, hospital, kitchen, warehouses etc. The buildings represented the style of the era in excellent quality and materials. Following the 2nd World War, the Soviet troops used the site as their military base.

The status of the buildings significantly deteriorated due to the misuse and the lack of maintenance between 1945 and 1990. The majority of the buildings have been abandoned and unused since the Soviet troops left the complex.

Eleven buildings have remained of the original ones in relatively good shape. Since 1990 the Municipality and a civil organisation tried to find new functions for the area, with a number of promising ideas, but little success.

Only one building has been renovated and is currently used, the others slowly deteriorate. The re-use of the barracks was hindered by the fact that the area and the buildings became protected heritage.

From the challenges to the re-use / As a result of the enormous work of the civil organisation, the main building of the Barracks complex had been renovated and has been constantly used by NGOs since 1998. Unfortunately none of the further ideas was successful for renovation and re-enlivening the area.

IAP project area / Former Hussar Barracks

Since 2017 half of the area is not protected anymore, which enables the city to start creating a new green city quarter here. Parallel with the work in the MAPS project, the modification of the master plan is also started, allowing the experts and the ULG to develop coherent and synergic ideas.

Our main goal, for revitalize the former military area, is the development of a new green and sustainable city district.

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