Serres is a city in Macedonia, Greece. It is situated in a fertile plain at an elevation of about 70m, some 24km northeast of the Strymon river and 69km north-east of the Macedonian capital, Thessaloniki. The Rhodope Mountains rise to the north and east of the city. The city is the capital of the prefecture of Serres and is situated in the Central Macedonia periphery. Its population was 56.145 in 2001

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Project area description

Papalouka former military camp / The former military area is situated in the centre of the city and it is no longer used by the army. The military camp dating back to the Ottoman occupation of the region. The size of the area is approximately of 124.759 square meters. The owner of the area is the Ministry of National Defence. Recently, thirteen buildings has been declared as monuments by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Emmanouil Papa former military camp / This former military camp is situated at the north entrance of the city. The presence of the camp in this area dates back to the 1927. The owner of the area is the Ministry of National Defense. The size of the area is approximately of 153.702 square meters.

Project area challenge / The main challenge for the city is about the development of an urban relation between the two former military camps based on the two main vocations of the city: the culture (historical, vernacular and contemporary) and the knowledge (expressed by the local universities and schools). The camps will be an hub to drive at the urban level the social cohesion, the innovation and the economical development of the city on this two important issues.

Project area location