Situated in the middle of the Po Valley, Piacenza is located on the right side of the river Po just 67 Km from Milan. Termination point of the Via Emilia, the city is placed in the more northern and western region of Emilia-Romagna. Related to its strategic position, Piacenza was recognized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as “City Territory joint”. The city has about 102.000 inhabitants residents (2015 census) and expected to reach 120.000 inhabitants in 2030.

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Project area description

The Pontieri workshop /The project area is a part of a large compound, currently used as a barracks (Nicolai-Nino Bixio) composed by historic buildings a cloister of the adjacent church of San Sisto. Actually the Ministry of Defence use this structures, but there is a general programme of reallocation that foreseeing to abandon also this structures in the next 5-10 years. The Pontieri workshop in this monent is belongs to the Municipality of Piacenza and for that reason the Municipality has identified this assets as an important place to invest for the future of the city. The former Pontieri workshop is within the city centre, close to the Farnese palace and the historical centre of the city.

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Project area location