This section of the web site is dedicated to the media realized within the network (Lead Expert, Ad-hoc expert, etc.) or by the single partner: video, publications, leaflets, reports, etc. The page is arranged with sections, in relation to the features that the media transmit.

Outcomes. The final results produced by the work of the network partners

Introduction to the partners. A set of video dedicated to the introduction of the cities of the partners.

Project areas. A set of video dedicated to the introduction of the project areas selected by the partners as a places for the development of the IAPs.

ULG. A set of video about the work of the ULG: brief presentation of the members, working sessions, activities on the field.

Infographic. Documents that tell the outputs, produced during transnational meetings, in graphical manner.

Innovation. Innovative practices that have arisen thanks to the MAPS project.

Meetings. Documents that tell the history of what’s happened during the transnational meetings.

Handbook. Collections of international or local best practices, in the fields of interest of the MAPS project.