MAPS best practices

This section is dedicated to the activities made by the partner during the project period, and that are considerate like a best practices to suggest to others: Open day (to involve the inhabitants or stakeholders); special events within the former military area; development of software application to involve the citizens; mapping of the stakeholders; etc.

Open day

During the development of the MAPS project, many of the partners, have decided to organize “Open day” to encourage the local stakeholders (citizens, associations, private companies, etc.) to enter, in some cases for the first time, to understand the situation (type of heritage, size of the space, quality of the architecture) and the values expressed by these places. In many cases these events, have been used, to collect useful suggestions, to drive the identification of the reuse strategies for the enhancement of the former military assets.

Activities carried out during the Open day: site visit of the area; participatory activities to collect the suggestions; engagement of cultural association to support the open day; public events useful to tell the idea of the reuse of the former military heritage.

In summary: Open days has been a good opportunity to involve a wide audience of potential stakeholders in the reuse project, to gather suggestions and to diminish the distance between citizenship and these particular types of assets (former military heritage).

Varazdin Open day / Piacenza Open Day

Open day

Longford Nua (Community Mapping Project)

The idea for the “Longford Nua” project came from the Longford URBACT Local Group, which is actively engaged in the regeneration of the Connolly Barracks as targeted by our MAPS network: “The app will be important in contributing to the work of the group – said Lorraine O’Connor, Regeneration Officer with Longford County Council – and will have a broader value in getting people thinking about their hometown”.

How does it work, exactly? “Someone might take a photo of the Anvil Bar and then explain that this was where Longford people bought their tickets for emigrating to America. The photo and information will then appeared on the shared map. Or someone might take a snap of the grave of Thomas Lefroy in a graveyard in town, and reveal that this was the man on whom Jane Austen based her character of Mr Darcy”. The app allows to share the entries on social media and start conversations with other people about those places and the facts or ideas they evoke.

In summary: Just like a local version of PokemonGo, it is designed to be fun to use and suitable for all ages, as only truly enjoyable things can be! Whoever posts on the shared map the image of a place in town, is required to tell a story about it coming from the past, or simply explain what they love about Longford and for the Connolly Barracks as well.

Longford Nua / Space Engagers  / App Android / App Store

Longford Nua

Sport as a tool for social cohesion and sharing suggestions!

Some of our partners have decided to focus on sports practices to share the values expressed by the re-use of the former military assets.  What’s better than a healthy walk, jogging, ride on bicycle or a professional marathon, enter on this historic places, and get start to know them?

The Municipality of Espinho has used this methodology to organize a sports day, that has linked its former military sites in a “Path of military places” (two type of ride 10km & 5km) that have involved different type of audience (sport racers, families, young, etc.). The races have touched 5 places, and in every places the participants has been invited to give a suggestion for a possible use of the former military heritage.

The Municipality of Cartagena has decided to add Los Moros castle (his MAPS project site) in the race “La ruta de las fortalezas” (path of the fortress). In the edition of the 2017, for the first time, Los Moros castle has become a spot on this path. In this way the participants has been the opportunity to touch this place and the surrounding area, Los Mateos district.

In summary: The sports practices have been essential to involve different types of audiences and to interest them in the problems of the reusing of the former military assets, and in some occasions the former military areas has been a perfect place for the sport.

Esphino / Path of military places

Sports practice