Koblenz IAP

The city challenges / Koblenz, throughout its long history, has always been a fortified town with a strong military presence and location for regional administration. Thereby the townscape is shaped by military and administrative Building and so is the Image of the town: disciplined, stuffy, boring. The situation today can be divided into three main challenges: the reuse of Prussian ruins, the reuse of modern barracks, and the continuation of the usage of military administrative buildings. All this shows the challenges and the chances of the town: beware history and protect historical buildings, bring life and Culture into former military environment, find sustainable solutions.

Koblenz / Fort Asterstein

From the challenges to the re-use / The special challenge of the city of Koblenz comes from its traditional role as a garrison town to image . In the past 20.000 soldiers and civil military servants in populated the city Koblenz, and that represented the 15% of the population. Today it’s about 5.000 person. According to this fact most of the former military compound are large but empty. Starting from this past role the idea of the project is addressed to transformation of this former military heritage in a new urban hub for the whole city.

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