The city of Cartagena (Spain) was founded as a military town, but over time has managed to transform the original vocation. At this time Cartagena is not just a city with military activities but it has managed to turn into a city for Universities, for cultural activities and for the tourism.

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Project area description / The Los Moros fortress is located on top of the hill with the same name “Cerro de Los Moros” and is surrounded by the neighbourhoods of Los Mateos and Santa Lucia. The hill is located near the train station, and bus and metro station. The fortress was built between 1773 and 1778 as a part of the defence system for the Cartagena bay and harbour. The castle was designed with a defence system called “crown”, a central building (on the top of the hill) that controls two side buildings. The buildings are connected by an embankment and defended by a trench. The fortress is surrounded by two districts: Los Mateos and Santa Lucia. In particular, the district of Los Mateos is in close relation to the castle and to the hill. This neighbourhood is composed mainly of four social groups: a Castilian local community, a community of Gypsy people, a community of people from the North Africa and a community of people from the Central Africa. The urban quality of the district is low due to a following factors: presence of many house build illegal, lack of the infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage, etc.), some neighbourhood streets not paved, low presence of public space for the community and their low use.

Project area challenge

  1. Improvement of the social cohesion and inclusion in Los Mateos district, through the development of innovative management models, in the field of the urban planning and participatory approach
  2. Building a reference model, in the field of urban planning whit the participatory approach, to use in other urban areas of the city which are in similar situation of marginality and social exclusion
  3. Reuse the Los Moros fortress to increase Cartagena’s current cultural offer, reinforcing its position as a cultural reference in the Mediterranean Arc

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