BulbRedefining the function, social role and accessibility of former military heritage, to promote development, sustainability and inclusiveness

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The next activities


MAPS final conference / Serres (Greece) / 24 – 25 April 2018

Two days of work (one public and one for the network) to share the results of the work of the MAPS network and build the basis for a series of future joint actions. Stay tuned, soon the detailed program of the two days of the meeting. For more information go to the Conference page! The registration is open!

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About MAPS

MAPS / URBACT III European project / aims to enhance former military heritage as key elements for sustainable urban strategies, combining both functional and social aspects. The main goal of MAPS is to reverse perspectives, highlighting the potentialities of this heritage, albeit discussing all matters related to the plans for their future destination. Following the approach of social architecture, dismissed military areas can be deemed the new symbols of a more conscious and participated urban planning, oriented to the promotion of cohesion and inclusiveness.




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Network MAPS

The MAPS network involves partners (city) from 9 different Country: Piacenza (Italy) / Serres (Greece) / Varazdin (Croatia) / Szombathely (Hungaria) / Telsiai (Lithuania) / Koblenz (Germany) / Longford (Ireland) / Espinho (Portugal) / Cartagena (Spain).

The network worked to find shared solutions for the development of a series of Integrated Actions Plan (IAP) to support the reuse / regeneration of the former military heritage and promote development, sustainability and inclusiveness.

To reach these goals the network has worked through several tools: transnational meetings, local meetings (within the ULG work), open day, peer to peer meetings (P2P), visit of best practices.

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MAPS final conference / A journey on the re-use of the former military assets

Serres (Greece) April 24th 2018 / MAPS final conference The presence of former military assets, standing as derelict spaces within the urban fabric, is a matter that many European cities have to deal with. Our URBACT network – MAPS, which stands for Military Assets as Public Spaces – has been focusing on the mechanisms that … Continue reading MAPS final conference / A journey on the re-use of the former military assets